Hot Deal

We Are Offering A 5% of Contract Finder's Fee to YOU!
The 'Catagory' pretty much says it all.  For our 'open to the public' 2018 "Hot Deal", we at Christian Works LLC Construction (CWLLC), will pay you 5% of whatever contract we sign with someone that you refer us to.  To qualify this offer further (and to be sure that we can pay youcheeky), the contract will be a/our typical one, with a 10% 'upon signing', that in turn almost guarantees you the 5% immediately. To be fair though, please allow for when a job requires the usage of the initial 'upon signing' amount for materials et al, for the job to go forward, and so though we guarantee you an immediate payment upon signing of something equitable, we may need a phase payment or two, to complete paying you your 5%. (This qualification would only come into play when significant sums are involved.) 

Otherwise, we would love for us to get an 'upon signing' check, and turn around and write you one for half of it right then on the spot!  For a Book we believe in states that 'a worker is worth of his wages'.


Richard Gartner

CWLLC Administrator  
Contact Information
phone: (970) 417-1096
Offer Valid: August 27, 2018September 30, 2018
Montrose Chamber of Commerce